Hi, I’m Liss!

I believe that curiosity can take you places certainty never will, that pleasure is not a dirty word, and that it’s ok to not have it all figured out.

I’m so glad you’re here.

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Letter Lovers Club

iPad lettering learning, resources, and inspiration for wild-hearted creatives. I’ve bundled up everything you need to learn how to make beautiful letters on your iPad into one incredible package.


Married at 19, 6 babies by 31, and divorced by 36… it’s been a pretty wild ride. brave{ish} is all about creating a space for me to speak my truth and tell my story in ways that are sometimes terrifying, but also deeply healing. I rarely feel terribly brave, but most days at least a little brave-ish.

Thoughts & Things

I have lots of thoughts, on many things, and sometimes I try and write them down – mostly to get them out of my head, but also because I believe sharing our stories is one of the most beautiful ways we connect as humans.

Work with me

Business mentoring and support for queer, neurodivergent, and/or creative humans.
No dude-bro marketing systems here, or pressure to “just push through those mindset blocks”.

Pick My Brains

{30-60 minutes}

Awful term, I don’t actually want you “picking” my anything. But we all know what it means, so here we are.

Day of Voxer

{1 day}

Book me for a day and let’s get some shit done via Voxer – a free messaging/walkie-talkie app.

Show Up & Shine

{6 months}

aka. The business bestie you’ve been dreaming of. On-demand business support for six months.